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This page is an archive. LocaPoint(this version) is Obsolate and moved to "LP Address" for better solution.
For more detail, please refer LP Address (LocaPoint2) Web site



Locapoint Blog: Nao's Blog about Locapoint
Locapoint Blog: Nao's Blog in Japanese


GIS sites


One of the most famous GIS site in Japan. (in Japanese) A lot of information regarding GIS is connected to/from this site.

Locapoint  sample codes

Ruby code (by Yohji Shidara)
Java code (by NI-Lab.) * Page is in Japanese
Perl (by Kohei Ohtsuka)
Visual Basic

Locapoint Utilities and Toys

LocaPoint Web Toolbar (For Internet Explorer) New!
You can install "LocaPoint Toolbar".

LocaPoint Linkify - convert LocaPoint into hyperlink to GoogleMaps

LocaPoint Linkify JavaScript file (automatic)
LocaPoint Linkify JavaScript file Version 2.2 New!
You can include this JavaScript file in youe Web Page. After that, every LocaPoint in your page will be linkified to a GoogleMap when document is loaded, even if your customer does not installed LocaPoint Toolbar.
Look at source of this sample file (for version 1)

With new version 2 2, now you can choose some of Map Site of your preference to linkify, other than GoogleMaps. You can also choose あautomatic linkify is enabled/Disabled.
Look at source of this sample file (for version 2.2)

LocaPoint Linkify JavaScript file (non automatic)
Same as above, but it does not linkify automatically on Load. When you call "LinkifyLocaPoint()", then LocaPoint on a page will be linkified. You can see a sample on home page.

LocaPoint Linkify Grease Monkey Script (For FireFox)
You can install LocaPoint Linkify Function as a GreaseMonkey Script. After you install, Web page will be linkified to a GoogleMap.

LocaPoint Linkify Bookmarklet (For any browser)
You can install LocaPoint Linkify Function as a bookmarklet. This Bookmarklet is less than 508 letters, so it can be installed to any browser.

GoogleMaps LocaPointize Bookmarklet  New!
This bookmarklet is a part of a function of Web Toolbar.
Yon can activate this Bookmarklet on Google Maps page, to get map center coordinate (in LocaPoint and Latitude/Longitude). It also automatically  convert LocaPoint that you input to 'valid' keyword for Google Maps.

LocaPoint Free DIY Map Editor 
This excel file can convert a list of Latitude/longitude into Points or Paths for LocaPoint Free DIY Map's URL. In addition, this excel file has a user functions that encode/decode LocaPoint to Latitude/Longitude.

CPAN Location::GeoTool::Plugin::Locapoint - Perl Module for Locapoint written by OHTSUKA Ko-hei. Great thanks to Mr.Ohtsuka.

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