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This page is an archive. LocaPoint(this version) is Obsolate and moved to "LP Address" for better solution.
For more detail, please refer LP Address (LocaPoint2) Web site

Welcome to LocaPoint Official Site!

What is LocaPoint ?

LocaPoint is the state-of-the-art location pointer code that can express any location of the world, only with 12 letters.
SW8.HQ9.CS6.PQ8 Statue of Liberty
SD9.XC4.FE1.CV4 Tokyo Tower
UL4.MZ7.FP3.TU4 London Eye

You can say prompt answer, "10:35" or "16:45" to the question, "What time is it". But, can you say a prompt answer to the question, "Where is it" ?
You may use Address, Landmark, Direction, or Map. But there is no prompt way to answer - before LocaPoint came.


LocaPoint can be used in anything that need to show a location.

  • Directory/Travel Guide/Restaurant Guide
  • Blog/Travel Diary
  • Real Estate information
  • Pleasure
  • Appointment
  • Advertising/Signs
  • and More....

Advantages of using LocaPoint

LocaPoint has a unique format - ”Letter, Letter, Number” , that leads a three advantages.

First,  you can easily recognize that this is a information regarding a location by this format, as you do for "***@***.com" as email address, or "http://****" as URLs.

Second, the pattern of "Letter, Letter, Number" helps you to cognize, read, tell, listen, input, or remember. If a code has no pattern, or is totally random, you may have a difficult time to use it. 

Third, LocaPoint unique format is also "Detectable" for a computer. Computer can detect LocaPoint as a "location information" and can automatically start a GIS application, such as Map or Navigator.
Here is a simple program to do it. By clicking this, every LocaPoint that is written in plain text will be "Linkify" to GoogleMaps with specified location.

Samples of LocaPoint:

  • Statue of Liberty, New York, U.S.A (SW8.HQ9.CR8.PU9)
  • Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan (SD9.XC4.ER9.CY4)
  • London Eye, London, U.K.(UL4.MZ7.GB4.TN7)
  • St. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain (SZ4.NE0.YG4.VQ0)
  • Colosseo, Rome, Italy (TB3.NX4.FJ3.PA4)


Is LocaPoint valuable even in Non-Digital Media ?

Yes, LocaPoint is designed to be easily used in non-digital media. If you have a Map with LocaPoint-Grid, you can easily locate a place by LocaPoint. See following example.

Example LocaPoint: SW8.HQ9.CS2.PQ9 (Statue of Liberty, New York)

The first and second part, "SW8.HQ9", is called "Area Code" and shows rough location on earth. See following Map.

Figure: Area Code SW8.HQ9 Shows rough location

The third and fourth part, "CS2.PQ9", is called "Local Code" and shows pinpoint location in Area. The precision of Locapoint is less than 1 meter (3 feet). See Following Map.
Figure: Local Code "CS2.PQ9" shows pinpoint location in Area "SW8.HQ9"

Can it convert to Latitude and Longitude?

Yes, LocaPoint is a converted latitude and longitude. It needs simple calculation to Encode and Decode, so it is very easy to implement LocaPoint in existing GIS (Geographic Information System). See Specification in detail.