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Is DIY Map Service free?

Yes, DIY Map Service is a free services.


DIY Map doesn't work with my browser. Why?

We are sorry. Currently DIY Map (and it's viewer) only support on Internet Explore (6.0) and Mozilla Fire Fox (1.0 and 1.5).


DIY Map is too slow or heavy.

The javascripts that is used in DIY Map is still in development. We are going to 'tune' and make it light for your computer in near future. Also, as the number of access increases, we are going to switch to faster server.


Does Locapoint designed only for Google Map?

No. 'Locapoint' is just a method to express geographic location (=latitude, and longitude).
It can be used for GoogleMap, or any possible GIS application.

However, currently DIY Map service only use Google Map API Service.


How to break or feed line in comment?

Basically, Locapoint specification does not define any rule inside comment. But DIY Map currently uses Google Map API, so simply follow Google Map API rule.
Commnet in informatil window is HTML format, so use "<br>" as a line feed.


Can I use DIY Map for profit purpose?

No. DIY Map Service can be used for ONLY non-profit usage. Please refer Terms of Use.


I want to ask a question, make a request, or opinion.

We prepare a Google-Groups. Upload your comment here, please.
Make sure your comment to Group is going to public. If your question contains private information, just send us a email.

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