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Need your own map? Yes, Do It Yourself!

You can add Lines and Markers.

All data about your 'DIY Map' will be packed into URL string like below, so is easy to send it via email, etc.

Example:  "http://www.locapoint.com/publicutil/viewer.html?lp=RZ7.WU8.BY.MI.%22Locazing%20Inc.%20Office%22"

We provide an option for "Short URL Service".
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Since your URL contains all data about Map, URL may too long. Instead of using original long URL, you can use short URL like below. This short URL contains only location data of  representative point of map, and a 'Key-Text' of your choice. All data about your Map will be stored our database.

Example:  "http://locapoint.com/TB8.EY0.OW5.SH3-Locapoint_Office"

We also provide a "Map 4 Blog" tool.
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 This tool will create HTML that you can Copy & Paste on your Blog or other HTML sources.
In addition, This tool provide more customizability. You can control appearance and behavior of map.

Example: Guide Map to your home

Example: Announce of a party

Example: Branch Guide

Example: Record of your trip

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