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Terms of Use for Locapoint DIY Map DIY Map

1. Attention

"Locapoint Free DIY Map DIY Map" ("DIY Map") is operated by Locazing Inc("Locazing"), Japan.

DIY Map is an application that uses "Google Maps API", thus "Google Local Terms and Conditions" and "Google Maps API Terms of Use" must be applied in addition to "Locapoint DIY Map Terms of Use".
To use DIY Map, user must read carefully, understand, and agree with all three terms explained above. Generating URL or HTML code with DIY Map is automatically considered that user have accepted these terms of use.


2. Fee

DIY Map is free.


3.Range of Use and Prohibited Actions

A purpose to use of DIY Map is limited to private or inter-company usage. Use DIY Map for profit purpose is prohivited.

Users must agree with NOT to act any of following actions.

- Commercial, or any profit purpose usage
- Secondary sale or use of DIY Map
- Use for illegal Web Site, Web Log(Blog), Mailing List, Mail Magazine, or any information distribution media.
- Use for X-rated Web Site, Web Log(Blog), Mailing List, Mail Magazine, or any information distribution media.
- Any action that Locazing consider that is inappropriate.

4. Support

Questions should be posted to user groups. In case question contains private information, we will accept by email.

5. Modification or Terminate of Service

Locazing remains a right to modify or abort of a part or whole of DIY Map service.
Also, in case of maintenance, black out, system trouble, Locazing may stop providing service without notice.


DIY Map may stop its service. Locazing will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage due to DIY Map.
DIY Map will not be guarantee an accuracy of data or information.

7. Copy right

All copyrights of HTML files and JavaScript files those are used in DIY Map , except following, are reserved by Locaing Inc.
    * Javascript Files Used in Google Maps API, are reserved by Google Inc.
    * wz_jsgraphics.js is reserved by Walter Zorn

Filea and Programs that Locazing has a copyright are distributed by "GNU CopyLeft" license.

"Google Maps" is a trademark of Google Inc.


8. Others

In addition to terms of above, Legal Statement and Privacy Policy of Locazing Inc. are strictly applied.

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