Bookmarklet:"LocaPoint Linkify"
Convet All Locapoints in a page to hyperlink for Google Maps with pointed location.
How to Install:
1. Right Click this link, LocaPoint Linkify, then save to favorites.
How to Use:
1. From Favorites, select "LocaPoint Linkify".
2. Any Locapoint will become a link to Google Maps with pointed location.
3. Just click on them to open Google Maps.
Example Locapoint: Use them to test the bookmarklet you got.

SW8.HQ9.CS6.PQ8 Statue Of Liberty, New York
RW9.EM5.YD9.TZ4 Disney's California Adventure
SD9.XC4.FE1.CV4 Tokyo Tower
UL4.MZ7.FP3.TU4 British Airways London Eye

For Test
AA0.AA0.AA0.AA0 Min
NA0.NA0.AA0.AA0 Mid
ZZ9.ZZ9.ZZ9.ZZ9 Max