Modifying Google Maps and Uploading to Blog is Easy Now.

Kashiba, Nara, Japan, January 23, 2006—Locazing Inc. announced today that it has launched "Locapoint DIY Map Service," a free online service to modify Google maps and easily place them on a blog or website.

Locapoint DIY Map service is a Google Maps API application that enables users to add marker icons, with or without an information window, and lines of any color, width, and opacity on Google maps. Thus, the user can recreate the original map in a DIY way.

The newly-created DIY Map is output in URL text, so it is easy to send by e-mail. It also outputs an HTML code. Uploading the DIY Map on a blog just requires copying and pasting an HTML code. In addition, DIY Map has many options, including map size, list of markers, enable/disable mouse operation, and initial display mode (Map/Satellite/Dual).

DIY Map can be used for variety of purposes, such as "introduction of multiple spots," "the best route to my home," "The invitation to a party with a route map," or "note of my travel abroad." DIY Map service allows blog authors to be more creative in map usage.

Locapoint DIY Map Web Site

Locazing Inc.
2153-405 Kawaraguchi, Kashiba, Nara 6390225 Japan
Naoki Ueda, CEO

"Google Maps" and "Google Maps API" is a trademark of Google.