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Sunday, January 20, 2008


New Data Compression Technology for GIS and LBS Has Developed: It Packs Route and Area Data into Short Text.

New Data Compression Technology for GIS and LBS Has Developed: It Packs Route and Area Data into Short Text.

Jan 21, 2008 Nara, JAPAN

Locazing Inc. announced today that Locazing has developed new data compression technology especially designed for geographic locations, such as route or area, and applied for a Japanese patent on 16 Jan, 2008.

It is necessary to use database or external file to store multiple location data, such as route (or path, line) and area (or polygon). Our new data compression technology packs them into short text string.

Now it is possible to handle route and area in media with limited capacity, like 2D bar-code, RF-ID chip, URL parameter, Dial up network, or Infrared communication channel.

Feature of the Technology
1. Simple Compression Algorithm.
Because its algorithm is simple, it does not require fast CPU.

2. Practical Compression Efficiency
- 5 locations: Data size decrease to 22%
- 60 locations: Data size decrease to 13%
- 1200 locations: Data size decrease to 8%
(Note: result of in-house test. Efficiency may vary depending on contents)
3. On-The-Fly Processing
Each single location data is added at the end of compressed data, in order that is appeared. Thus, it is optimal for appending data with time, such as travel log.

4. Ability to Mixed Carrying of Data with Different Scale Precision
Multiple data with different scale precision can be compressed into one string.
A precision of each data is also decodable. Thus, it is possible to use rough precision for route to save data capacity, and to use high precision for destination.

Locazing is planning to release a license program for GIS and LBS companies on beginning of February.

GIS: Geographic Information Systems
LBS: Location Based Services

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